Laura Ward


Who are you?

I am a photographer who loves 35mm cinematic film using lofi cameras, or using camera-less techniques and processes. I do a lot on digital too but my first love is film. I also exhibit, curate and collaborate here and there. 

Where in the world are you from?

I’m from London via Nottingham, Germany and Weymouth. I love leaving London and I love coming back again.

What was the first camera you picked up?

A scrappy Pentax that my dad gave me. Someone left it at Nottingham’s YMCA in the ’90s and after a year of being there, my dad got hold of it. From then onwards I ditched my diary and started taking pictures.

Tell us a little more about the picture that you submitted for lofi

The picture was taken on an old action sampler which was held together with tape. i was given the camera in the early ’00s by a friend who picked it up for free at a conference for coders, of all things. The film was expired and my scanner had a lot of dust on it.

Does it have a name?

No, and usually I like names.

Most memorable place visited as a photographer?

Probably going back to where i grew up in Germany. I felt like I had a project in the pictures I took – they were so incredibly meaningful to me but uninteresting to anyone else and that’s why nostalgia can be a death beetle. I think I need to go back. the house I grew up in been home to many nationalities and at some stage housed refugees. It was desolate when I went back and the pictures were bleak. I was so interested in the stories the house could tell.  Aside from that, any morning when I wake up and see fog is memorable. I’ve been known to be a fog chaser.

One place you’d like to visit as a photographer?

The north of Norway. It’s a matter of time. I get excited going anywhere where there is an expanse of space.

What’s next in the pipeline?

I’m working on a feminine power themed piece of work that I hope to show in March. In the mean time I’ve got some long-exposure pinholes to recover from Sussex and some work for Abbey Road Studios to finish off. I photograph masters session for their album covers, and I’ve recently been shooting footage for them too.

Hashtag you most overuse?

35mm or cinestill because it’s my favourite film.

Have you (or do you intend to) create a book on your photography?

Despite attending seminars and being an avid fan of the format, I cannot edit or sequence my work. It’s a blind spot. I’d love to though.