Julia Hawkins


Who are you?

I am me.

Where are you from?

I’m not really from anywhere – my family moved around a lot when I was a child – but have been in South London for more than 20 years.

What was the first camera you picked up?

I have a confession – I know almost nothing about cameras…I got into photography a couple of years ago, at the tender age of 50. I’d never done anything creative before… So I feel very much a beginner but I’m loving the ‘journey’ I’m on!

Tell us a little more about the picture that you submitted for lofi

I picked this in Ruskin Park – I did a series of still life wild flowers throughout the year. It was a little lockdown project to help keep me sane. 

 Does it have a name?


Most memorable place visited as a photographer?

Ruskin Park..seriously… it’s a constant source of joy!

One place you’d like to visit as a photographer?


Have you (or do you intend to) create a book on your photography?

I would love to one day!