Grant Simon Rogers


Who are you?

Grant Simon Rogers, a 57 year old artist and lecturer (of sorts), ex film maker (animation) illustrator (news paper, editorial) painter (founding member of Cubitt Artists) and museum gallery education specialist in historiography. 

Where in the world are you from?

British parents and upbringing. Born in Singapore, grew up ( of sorts) internationally. Longest place of residence is in London. After 30 +years I am now living in Berlin and loving it. 

What was the first camera you picked up?

Kodak Instamatic 100, when I was 6 years old. I loved it. I still love the square format. 

Most memorable place visited as a photographer?

Anywhere close to home. It sounds like a a dismissive answer but it really isn’t. As a photographer I use my looking to acquaint myself with where I am. Every picture is a memory. Time, place, emotion. 

One place you’d like to visit as a photographer?

I am happy where I am. I see the world, my world, in a garden by standing still. I don’t think I will grow as an artist by traveling more. But it would be nice for the food and the views. 

What’s next in the pipeline?

Keeping working is enough but I do have several exhibitions in the pipeline. 

Hashtag you most overuse?

#GrantSimonRogers #Artist #BaumhausArtist #KeepSharingtheBeauty

Have you (or do you intend to) create a book on your photography?

Oh yes. Working on it now but I am still thinking about it all. Procrastination is not the problem. I am keeping my powder dry and not rushing it. Once I have completed one I know I will want to do more.