Ellie Laycock


Who are you? Where in the world are you from?

I’m Ellie Laycock, an artist based in Brixton, South London.

What was the first camera you picked up?

My first camera was a Pentax k1000 which I’ve still got. Although I shoot digital these days I did put a roll of black and white film through it again this year after blowing the dust off it!

Tell us a little more about the picture that you submitted for lofi

It is a collection of photographs of the ‘luxury’ developments that are rapidly going up around London that were printed onto cyanotype soaked cotton using digital negatives and sunlight, then stitched together to create a larger piece, then overworked with needles and wool. 

Does it have a name?

It’s called ‘Ghost Towers: Vehicles Of Capital Appreciation (Detail 1)’.

Most memorable place visited as a photographer?

Got to be Cuba on a shoot for Puma.

One place you’d like to visit as a photographer?

Japan, Nishijin textile district in Kyoto and Mount Fuji.

What’s next in the pipeline?

A project called ‘Commotion Time’ which explores ownership of the land and peasant suppression in the 1500s.

Hashtag you most overuse?


Have you (or do you intend to) create a book on your photography?

Yes! I just published my first limited edition artists book called ‘Spectemur Agendo’ this year. That show is on at Lambeth Town Hall until the end of 2021.